Fun Time in Munich

It was a two-week school break which made us decide to spend a few days in Munich which was a 2-hour drive from home. We just thought of one place which we know the kids would enjoy, the BMW Museum. Since we’ve been to both the Porsche and Mercedes Benz Museums twice, it’s really hard stopping the kids especially Zyc from asking us to visit this another famous car museum here in Germany. Aside from the museum and the historic buildings in the city center, we didn’t actually know where else to go. Thanks to Google and to my Filipina friend, we were able to have fun during our stay.

We spent four days in Munich and we started the trip with a visit to the BMW museum. The museum is closed normally on Mondays but it was open that day. It was a Monday after Easter Sunday and a national holiday so it was understandable that many families had their bonding time.

BMW museum, munich, germany

Seeing cars everywhere, there’s a happy kid!

BMW museum, munich

There was an Easter activity for kids and Ryz gladly participated. Actually, she was a bit bored so she decided to look for something to do that would relieve her boredom. In this activity she was supposed to complete tasks from different stations and would get a stamp for it. In the end, she was supposed to get a prize. Although she wasn’t able to go to all the stations she was still able to enjoy it and not notice time passed.

After almost a whole day in the museum we headed to the hotel and decided to just spend the rest of the day there. Besides it was a holiday and we had nowhere to go to.

The following day, we let the kids have fun with science in the Deutsches Museum. Deutsches Museum’s official name is German Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology. It is the largest museum in Munich and the world’s largest museum of science and technology. It houses thousands of exhibited objects from the different branches of science. Now, when you go to this museum you need to wear comfortable sneakers or any footwear you’re at ease with. It is a colossal building and will take around 4 to 5 hours to complete the tour unless there will be areas of science that you’d want to skip and doesn’t interest you.

Deutsches museum, german museum, munich, germany

Aside from this building, there are also two other museums which are part of the German museum but are located in two different places. These museums hold the exhibit on Mobility and Transport such as cars, trains, and the likes and another one which is called the Flugwerft Schleissheim which is located in a historical airfield. Different aircrafts can be found there and a restoration workshop. These places were a bit far to drive to so we decided to skip these. Besides, tickets to these are valid until December of next year.

Education and fun didn’t stop here. We still have two days of excitement in this great city.

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn How to Swim

kids swimming, kids learn to swim, learn how to swimMost parents take advantage of the summer vacation to enroll their kids in summer programs that help children discover and develop new skills. This can range from arts and crafts, sports, performing arts, and practical skills. One of the best options that parents can choose for their kids is a swimming program in the local community or private swimming lessons.

Here are three good reasons why learning how to swim trumps over the other summer activities.

1. Water Safety and Survival. Flooding and water accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Swimming lessons equip your kids with knowledge in water safety that can help them deal with these accidents. Swim camps can also develop their swimming skills and minimize the risk of drowning. Kids who turn out to be strong swimmers can also help save the lives of others in times of emergency.

2. Ideal Fitness Regimen. Swimming promotes your cardiovascular health and tones your muscles at the same time. It also helps develop strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, stamina, and posture. Your kids can get the benefits of a full aerobic workout while having fun in the water. This is a cool fitness option to keep your kids protected from health risks like obesity and diabetes.

3. Recreational Activity. A trip to the beach and engaging in water sports are popular bonding activities during summer. Don’t let your kids miss out on all the fun because they do not know how to swim. Eliminate their fear for safety in the water by equipping them with the right skills to enjoy their beach experience. However, parents still need to make sure that their children are well supervised while in the water regardless of their swimming skill level.

Safety, Health, and Fun are already good reasons for encouraging your children to get into swimming. More benefits that can help the child’s social, emotional, and mental well-being can also be gained by those who dive into this cool water activity. For those who are still asking if their kids should learn how to swim, the answer is a big YES!

Advantages of Outdoor Sports for Kids

outdoor sports, advantages of outdoor sports to kids

There was a time when parents considered it as a challenge to convince their children to stay inside the house and spend less time outdoors. But nowadays it goes the other way around. The proliferation and availability of tablets, gadgets, and game consoles is enough to make kids forget about the outdoors and simply lose themselves in the enticing games on the screens. Unfortunately, kids who are into these techie leisure activities usually miss out on the benefits of outdoor sports for kids.

outdoor sports, outdoor sports for kids

One of the advantages of getting your child involved in sports is physical fitness. Engaging in outdoor sports gets your child off the couch and into active play. Most sport activities would have coaches that supervise training activities and help keep the kids physically fit for the games. Outdoor sports for kids also protect the health of your children because physically fit kids are less prone to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart ailments.

outdoor sports

Another area that can benefit from outdoor sports is the social and psychological development of the child. Interacting with team mates, coaching staff, competition, and sports officials will help them develop different levels of social skills. Young players would also have to learn how to deal with the challenges of the game and how to win and lose gracefully. These are life lessons that they could bring with them through adulthood and pass on to their own children.

The physical fitness, skills development, and character building benefits of outdoor sports for kids may be difficult for kids to understand and appreciate. It is up to the parents to recognize these benefits and help their kids make the most out of their sports experience. However, parents should be careful not to take the fun away from the game in their desire to reap the benefits of outdoor sports.

Caring for our Child’s Young Hair

curly hair, curled hair, young hair

Ryz’s curled hair

Just like any other little girls, Ryz wants to be a princess when she grows up. Ever since she started to grow her hair long she wouldn’t want to cut it short. She would always say princesses don’t have short hair. Because of this I would just be the one to trim an inch or two of her hair.

Lately I’ve been watching videos of different hairstyles for kids. She loves curling her hair and I have considered buying one of those curling irons. But the thought of even slightly damaging her hair with the iron prevented me from getting one. So I resorted to just doing braids and twists to her hair to make them curly.   I know I need to take care of her hair for now and teach her how to maintain her hair healthy and beautiful. This made me look into the proper ways to care for a child’s young hair.

Shampoo. We all know that shampoos can contain harmful chemicals so it’s better to use mild shampoos for our young ones’ hair. Adult shampoos can cause dryness to the hair but adults have oilier skin and use conditioner and other products for styling so they can be more tolerant to the shampoo.

Wash the scalp rather than the hair when shampooing. Rubbing shampoo into the hair can also cause breaking and could lead to unhealthy looking hair.

Washing: Each hair type requires different frequency in washing. For Pre-schoolers and up, hair should be washed every other day except for the very curly, dry or African-American hair. For such hair types, using conditioner once a week can help restore moisture into the hair.

Combing. Hair can be hard to comb especially for dry types. Use wide-tooth ones or paddle brush for this type.  When combing, start from the ends since most of the tangles are there. Work your way up slowly to the top while gently separating the knots with your fingers. For bad snarls, spray detangler or hair conditioner could work.

Styling: Use bands with cover when making braids and ponytails and make them loose. As much as possible, shy away with styles that require chemicals or heat. If heat is used, lower the settings.

They say our hair is our crowning glory so it is a must to know how to take care of our child’s young hair and teach them to maintain its health.

Kids’ Evaluation

I love meeting with the kids’ teachers. Although this gives me hard time because I need to converse in German, I love hearing praises and even criticisms and observations on my kids. I’m just glad knowing everything that my kids have been doing that I don’t see.

We had our appointment yesterday with the kids’ teachers. We went to Zyrch’s first. It was set at 1pm. His teacher was all praises with him. She said that he is very friendly, the other kids like him. He knows his role in the class and he is helpful to other kids. With regards to school work, she said he’s neat and orderly with his things. He’s diligent and hardworking. His teacher was all praises on him. She showed his works and some tests and they were all good. He still needs improvement in the language, though but he’s already attending a language program in school so I know eventually he’ll have no problems on that aspect.

What surprised me a bit is that she said he has a “partner”! Haha! Actually I already have an idea about this because Ryz told me about it already and they always mention the girl’s name here at home. I could still remember what Ryz said, “Kuya ist verliebt” or Kuya is in love. I said, “whaaat??!!” Kids… what do they know about love? Haha! Anyway, this was confirmed by his teacher and she told me that the girl likes him, too. Waaaaah!!!! They were inseparable according to her. When he says to the girl to sit beside him, she sits! :P

We waited for about 30mins before we talked to Ryz’s teacher. Just the same, her teacher was also all praises on her. She is also diligent, neat and orderly. She is also helpful not only to her classmates but also to the teacher. She said she is so sweet. I have observed this once when I brought the kids to school, I saw how she greeted the teacher and was just surprised. I didn’t know Ryz could be like that. I’ve seen her in Kindergarten as a little timid. According to her, Ryz was a little shy during the first weeks in school. She normally didn’t express what she feels but she had overcome it. She also showed me some of her works and she told me she was amazed how Ryz made a story out of a picture. Other kids didn’t do as that. However, she also has the same weakness as Zyc, the language. Well, they are both attending the language program and surely will overcome this eventually.

Before going to these meetings I have already prepared some questions I wanted to ask to their teachers. Most are my concerns and fears for my kids; their self confidence, concentration and how they get along with other kids. I am happy with what I heard, the issue on Zyc’s self confidence (which was our primary concern when he was still in Kindergarten and was the reason for him not to go straight to the big school) will not anymore be one of my concerns. His teacher attested that he has this and he carries himself well. I should not worry about it. I was surprised actually when Ryz’s teacher agreed with me when I brought up the self confidence issue. She told me a story when Ryz actually won’t do a seatwork because she said she can’t do it though she (the teacher) knows she can. I’ve known Ryz of having a strong character and high self esteem. I’ve seen this since she was 2 y/0 when she started going to pre-school and wanted to be independent. I know in time she’ll overcome this and I hope we’ll have no regrets in letting her go straight to the big school despite the advises of some teachers to let her stay for 1 year in a Präventiv Klass.