Caring for our Child’s Young Hair

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Ryz’s curled hair

Just like any other little girls, Ryz wants to be a princess when she grows up. Ever since she started to grow her hair long she wouldn’t want to cut it short. She would always say princesses don’t have short hair. Because of this I would just be the one to trim an inch or two of her hair.

Lately I’ve been watching videos of different hairstyles for kids. She loves curling her hair and I have considered buying one of those curling irons. But the thought of even slightly damaging her hair with the iron prevented me from getting one. So I resorted to just doing braids and twists to her hair to make them curly.   I know I need to take care of her hair for now and teach her how to maintain her hair healthy and beautiful. This made me look into the proper ways to care for a child’s young hair.

Shampoo. We all know that shampoos can contain harmful chemicals so it’s better to use mild shampoos for our young ones’ hair. Adult shampoos can cause dryness to the hair but adults have oilier skin and use conditioner and other products for styling so they can be more tolerant to the shampoo.

Wash the scalp rather than the hair when shampooing. Rubbing shampoo into the hair can also cause breaking and could lead to unhealthy looking hair.

Washing: Each hair type requires different frequency in washing. For Pre-schoolers and up, hair should be washed every other day except for the very curly, dry or African-American hair. For such hair types, using conditioner once a week can help restore moisture into the hair.

Combing. Hair can be hard to comb especially for dry types. Use wide-tooth ones or paddle brush for this type.  When combing, start from the ends since most of the tangles are there. Work your way up slowly to the top while gently separating the knots with your fingers. For bad snarls, spray detangler or hair conditioner could work.

Styling: Use bands with cover when making braids and ponytails and make them loose. As much as possible, shy away with styles that require chemicals or heat. If heat is used, lower the settings.

They say our hair is our crowning glory so it is a must to know how to take care of our child’s young hair and teach them to maintain its health.

Kids’ Evaluation

I love meeting with the kids’ teachers. Although this gives me hard time because I need to converse in German, I love hearing praises and even criticisms and observations on my kids. I’m just glad knowing everything that my kids have been doing that I don’t see.

We had our appointment yesterday with the kids’ teachers. We went to Zyrch’s first. It was set at 1pm. His teacher was all praises with him. She said that he is very friendly, the other kids like him. He knows his role in the class and he is helpful to other kids. With regards to school work, she said he’s neat and orderly with his things. He’s diligent and hardworking. His teacher was all praises on him. She showed his works and some tests and they were all good. He still needs improvement in the language, though but he’s already attending a language program in school so I know eventually he’ll have no problems on that aspect.

What surprised me a bit is that she said he has a “partner”! Haha! Actually I already have an idea about this because Ryz told me about it already and they always mention the girl’s name here at home. I could still remember what Ryz said, “Kuya ist verliebt” or Kuya is in love. I said, “whaaat??!!” Kids… what do they know about love? Haha! Anyway, this was confirmed by his teacher and she told me that the girl likes him, too. Waaaaah!!!! They were inseparable according to her. When he says to the girl to sit beside him, she sits! :P

We waited for about 30mins before we talked to Ryz’s teacher. Just the same, her teacher was also all praises on her. She is also diligent, neat and orderly. She is also helpful not only to her classmates but also to the teacher. She said she is so sweet. I have observed this once when I brought the kids to school, I saw how she greeted the teacher and was just surprised. I didn’t know Ryz could be like that. I’ve seen her in Kindergarten as a little timid. According to her, Ryz was a little shy during the first weeks in school. She normally didn’t express what she feels but she had overcome it. She also showed me some of her works and she told me she was amazed how Ryz made a story out of a picture. Other kids didn’t do as that. However, she also has the same weakness as Zyc, the language. Well, they are both attending the language program and surely will overcome this eventually.

Before going to these meetings I have already prepared some questions I wanted to ask to their teachers. Most are my concerns and fears for my kids; their self confidence, concentration and how they get along with other kids. I am happy with what I heard, the issue on Zyc’s self confidence (which was our primary concern when he was still in Kindergarten and was the reason for him not to go straight to the big school) will not anymore be one of my concerns. His teacher attested that he has this and he carries himself well. I should not worry about it. I was surprised actually when Ryz’s teacher agreed with me when I brought up the self confidence issue. She told me a story when Ryz actually won’t do a seatwork because she said she can’t do it though she (the teacher) knows she can. I’ve known Ryz of having a strong character and high self esteem. I’ve seen this since she was 2 y/0 when she started going to pre-school and wanted to be independent. I know in time she’ll overcome this and I hope we’ll have no regrets in letting her go straight to the big school despite the advises of some teachers to let her stay for 1 year in a Präventiv Klass.

Walking Home on Their Own

When the kids were still in the Kindergarten they were not allowed to go home on their own until they reach the age of 6. I wanted Zyc to learn that time but since they were still both in Kindergarten I can not allow it because Ryz hasn’t reached the required age. Zyc did it while he was in the Präventiv Klasse but only just a few times. He would always ask for me to pick him up. I guess he was still scared to be on his own that time. When Ryz turned 6 I still picked her up but what I did was walk ahead of her for her to learn how to cross the street. Actually I also did this when they were still together in Kindergarten.

The kids on their way home while I’m waiting at the corner of our street.

Now that they are in the 1st grade I told them that it’s really high time for them to learn to walk home on their own. Their school is just a 15-20 minute walk and I thought this will also be an exercise for them. Thankfully, I heard no objection from both of them. During their first week I still had to pick them up and guide them. I showed them where to pass and pointed out important reminders like looking to their left, right and left again before crossing, and using most importantly the pedestrian lane when crossing.

pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian crossing leading to kids’ school.

The way to school is also student-friendly; pedestrian crossing and pedestrian signal are available. When there’s no pedestrian signal but there’s the lane, cars and buses go to a halt and let the people cross first. I’m really glad we live in a place where drivers respect the pedestrians.

I believe every child should know the basics when it comes to crossing the street, even the child who grew up riding in cars. They need to have courage and be independent.

Museum Visits for the Birthday Boy

We just celebrated Zyc’s 8th birthday. We originally thought of having a birthday party on the day itself. My Filipina friends and I were thinking of having a Christmas party and I thought it would also be nice to do it at the same time. But Zyc requested another way to have his birthday celebration.  What’s more fun way for the little man to celebrate than give in to his request, a revisit to his favorite museums; the Mercedes Benz and the Porsche museums. Despite having his new favorite addictions; Minecraft and Skylanders games in PS3, I guess his love for cars will not just die down. He still longed for that thrill of seeing these cars.

Hubby is on vacation from work for the whole Christmas break so it was really a good time for us to spend it together and go to places where we want to. Our first stop was the Porsche Museum since it’s farther than MB Museum. But before that we took first our lunch in KFC (our favorite place to eat when we go to Stuttgart).

Porsche Museum

 I don’t mind seeing the cars again as long as my son is enjoying it.

After the Porsche Museum, we headed to MB Museum. I still remember the time we first went there… we forgot to bring a camera so we settled with our camera phones. Now, we enjoyed taking shots with our DSLR.

Honestly I like MB Museum more than the Porsche Museum. Maybe because of its richer past since MB was established earlier than the Porsche. Another thing is visitors get to explore more and “interact”. They allow visitors especially the kids to discover and learn new things

Mercedes Benz Museum, MB Museum

Curiosity leads to learning

Mercedes Benz Museum, MB Museum Stuttgart

After our trip we went straight to the supermarket and bought groceries. Of course we didn’t forget his favorite, cheesecake. I’m just glad Zyc isn’t choosy when it comes to this. Instants work for him. Hehe..

Tips to Help you Teach your Child How to Ride

kids, bike, There is no need to be anxious when teaching your child how to ride a bicycle. Simple steps can make the whole process a fun learning experience for your child and soon the whole family can enjoy leisurely rides along shady winding smooth bikepaths. You can start lessons off in the safety of your own house or yard and then progress to safe outdoor areas with slight gradients. Off with the training wheels and away you go!

The correct bike size

It is very important that you have the correct size bike for your child. Choose a bike that can be turned into a runbike.

Convert their pushbike into a runbike

Remove any training wheels and pedals from their bike. Then lower the seat until the child can sit comfortably on the seat with both feet flat on the ground. Your child can then easily walk while seated on the bike. This is a great way for children to learn about balance. Once they are confident doing this, increase the walking pace into a scooting pace where both feet scoot forwards and backwards, rather than going through a walking motion. When capable of doing this, raise feet off the ground to gently coast along.

Using the handbrakes

If the bicycle is fitted with handbrakes, once they have become confident at scooting, this is the perfect time to introduce  handbrake lessons. If the bike has no handbrakes, be vigilant with supervision.

Teaching steering skills

Mark out a short straight course with visible markers, such as large foam blocks, placed at intervals along the course. The bike will easily run over the blocks if your child goes off course and will not make your child fall off the bike or damage the bike in any way. Start off with the runbike; walking through the course steering from left and right and gradually building up to scooting through the course.

Begin using the pedals

Now is the time to replace the pedals on the bike. Check the thread on the pedals to ensure you put the correct pedals on the correct side. Give your child physical support by gently holding their shoulder. Place the pedals in the start position. Encourage your child to push the right pedal down and start pedalling. Always teach these new skills on a flat smooth surface. They can also commence to use any braking techniques they have learnt.

Make sure to give your child plenty of opportunity to practice in a wide open area. When your child feels confident, they can accompany you on bike rides in an open area before negotiating more built up areas strewn with day to day obstacles. Always make sure you child is properly fitted for safety gear such as helmets and shoes. 99 Bikes Australia has a wide range of accessories and clothing suitable for all age groups. Local Councils also have information on dedicated bikepaths where it is safe to take the beginner cyclist.